The students of GCB start their training process by learning about values. After careful research and consideration, the values that the students are taught become the foundation of their attitude and behavior. Each student has their own individual personality and they are taught to recognize this especially when they are in a group or classroom atmosphere. The students learn this through axiological understanding and also through understanding the world and its history. GCB students are known to be leaders whose ethics guide them through life.
For this reason, responsibility, respect, honesty, solidarity, order and attention to quality become part of the training and educational processes at the school.

Umbrella of Prevention

Five fundamental components with regards to interpersonal relationships, communication processes and the coexistence of the GCB community.

Let's make a deal for good behavior

This program strengthens reinforces good actions within GCB and also promotes friendly and respectful environments. At the same time. Its aim is to prevent bullying.

Sexuality and means

This program aims to promote the adequate experience of sexuality, taking into account the constant invitations received in society to advance these processes at the various stages of life.

Star dust

A program through which several fundamental aspects of life are based and interchanged, not only by their vocational interests, but by the direction of life that these actions could generate.


A program aimed at preventing the consumption of psycho-active substances. Its main objective is to address the beliefs that we have developed around alcohol and tobacco consumption as a culture.


A program aimed at promoting the responsible use and management of technology.

Beginning in preschool and all the way to grade eleven, one class per cycle is allocated for each class, in which the training process for students is carried out with regards to prevention. This program is led by the Psychology Department at GCB and is based on the “Umbrella of Prevention” approach.



As Law 1404 states, the school for parents at GCB is a place where parents can think in common with one another, exchange experiences and look for alternative solutions to problems that arise when raising their sons and/or daughters. This school also helps to reinforce values, strengthen study techniques and to help with the integration and communication within the family.
In order to achieve these objectives, 3 strategies have been created to accompany the process:

According to the experts…

Depending on the topic, experts are invited to the conference in order to share their knowledge and expertise as well as to suggest strategies to promote the well-being of our students and their families.

Building together

This involves meetings led by our Psychology department where parents and their children attend in order to address situations or needs that have arisen and that should be addressed by the family and the school.

Building together

These meetings, led by an external psychologist, are aimed at specific families that have experienced similar crisis situations in order to come up with relevant parenting and authority guidelines. Also, parents are trained on proper communication skills and how to manage family relationships.


Character Counts is an initiative based on values, being organized, integrated and with the purpose of creating a culture and school climate that produces significant, measurable and sustainable improvements. All this is done within a physically and emotionally safe environment in which academic achievement is promoted and developed along with character and socio-emotional skills of our children and youth.
Based on his perspective, the pillars of Character Counts are directly linked with the institutional values at GCB. We offer one class hour per cycle for the training process which deals with explanation, understanding, reflection and how to apply these values. Character Counts is also present in the different subjects and projects carried out a GCB.