Historical review

In 1984, Sandra Melo, known to her beloved community as Miss Sandra and Constanza Melo started an early childhood education project that incorporated a new style of academic curriculum which allowed children whose ages ranged from 18 months and 4 years of age to learn English to levels that were above average standards for that time in Colombia. The subsequent success and the insistence of parents led to the grand opening of the Gimnasio Colombo Británico (GCB) in 1994. Following a 60-year family tradition, our founders celebrated the graduation of the first seniors from GCB in 2001. Since then, GCB has been synonymous with excellent results in the official state exam (ICFES) and being ranked as one of the 10 best schools in Colombia, achieving the top rank in 2011 and 2014.


El propósito del GCB es proporcionar una educación integral que atienda las necesidades de cada uno de sus estudiantes, incluyéndolos en un proceso que desarrolle el talento individual, consolide el potencial académico y cuide su salud emocional, preparándolos para afrontar los cambios del entorno.


What we are
going to do

At GCB Bilingual International, we are committed to providing a comprehensive education, with international projection, that nurtures the personal and academic growth of our students, strengthening their emotional well-being from an early age and enriching their learning experience throughout their school journey. Guided by our strong ethical principles and our commitment to values-based education and socially conscious leadership, we aim to transform our environment and prepare our students for a constantly changing world. We promote solidarity, social and environmental awareness, and support for various artistic and sporting disciplines.


How we see the future

To ensure the sustainability of GCB, we must nurture three fundamental pillars: the students, the families, and the people working in the school. To achieve this, we envision ourselves as a leading educational community distinguished by our commitment to the emotional well-being of students and staff. Our goal is to establish a safe and stimulating educational environment that promotes individualised learning and mutual respect. Furthermore, our aim is to build identity and trust in families regarding the educational project´s purpose. We aim to be pioneers in adopting innovative educational technology and reducing our environmental impact, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and environmental care. We strive to develop a comprehensive learning community, balancing academic excellence with the development of artistic and athletic talent. Additionally, we aim to create a work environment that inspires motivation and professional growth, recognising and addressing the individual needs of each team member. Guided by our values, we are committed to preparing our students to be responsible and engaged citizens, making positive contributions to society.