Student Profile

Example throughout the world

Our students understand, live and project our institutional values from a Christian perspective. They assume their academic excellence as the abilities that will help them lead positive transformations in their family, social, economic and political environment.

Empowering Colombian Leaders

Making things happen

At GCB, our motto is "Empowering Colombian Leaders". This is why our students carry out two political activities, taking advantage of the opportunity presented by the new government standards for Democratic Culture and the Training in Citizen Competencies.

Agreements With Universities

Alliances to keep on the road

Since 2003, GCB has belonged to the “Mejores Bachilleres de la Universidad Nacional” program which awards three annual scholarships to the most outstanding Colombian bachelors to study any undergraduate program at Universidad Nacional allowing them to pursue their professional career.
In addition, GCB has numerous agreements that allows our graduates to access universities in a preferential manner (without an interview) and be eligible for distinguished scholarships. Prestigious institutions such as Universidad del Rosario, Universidad de La Sabana and Pontificia Universidad Javeriana are among these exclusive and preferential agreements.